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Pillole di Business English che si mandano giù anche senza zucchero!

Let’s meet, meet me halfway, I’ve met my match
The meaning of “meet” is similar in many ways to the Italian “incontrare” (Link to the dictionary below!), but its noun, “meeting”, is used in many languages as it is, without translation.

But what kind of meeting do we have?
Defining the purpose of a meeting is pretty helpful in order to plan it and getting the best out of it.
Here are some examples:
Decision meeting: making decisions, choosing, discussing proposals
Analysis meeting: analysing a situation/problem/issue. It can also be programmatic when the aim is to top and improve the company’s procedures. This ensures better team synergy.
Coordination meeting: double way communication, information exchange, organizational purposes
Informational meeting: one-way communication, information transmission
Motivational meeting: team building, strengthen motivation, They shouldn’t be longer than 10/15 minutes.

What other meetings do you know?
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