Do you speak Business? – Run

Some of us may have already started to think about summer holidays – and that a little run to get in shape wouldn’t do harm.

We’re still in May though, so the only run you’d better think of is… phrasal verbs!

In business language there are two interesting verbs:

  • Run up (something): gather debts, receive a bill (Italian: accumulare).
    E.g.: He had run up extremely large debts;
    Massive budget deficits have been run up by the local government.
  • Run (something) by/past (somebody): to tell someone about something, to make sure they understand or approve (Italian: sottoporre – al fine di far approvare)
    E.g.: I ran a few ideas past him
    When the idea was run past the employees there were strong objections.

What other phrasal verbs with run do you know?

Share and share alike – and stay tuned for more language pills!