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Do you speak Business? – Touching base

Let’s face it: Without idioms life would be just a cold and sad bunch of grammar rules.


Idioms make conversations more natural and genuine, as they build pictures in our mind.

Let’s try to guess what this conversation mean…

Michael: Hello Anne, this is Michael. I just wanted to return your call.
Anne: Hello! I didn’t mean to hang up on you earlier, I was breaking up.
Micheal: I just wanted to touch base…

What does “return your call” mean?
End the call or call back?
Here is the answer!

Hang up on and Break up: which one means “end the call” and which one means “not having a good phone signal“?
Here is the answer!

What’s similar to “touch base“: Check on somebody or Say goodbye?
Here is the answer!

How many did you guess?

Let us know and stay tuned for more language pills!