phone interview

Do you speak Business? Leave your cell at home!

What behaviors are seen as negative in a job interview by hiring managers?

A survey* stated that the worst thing a candidate can do is checking or answering his/her cell phone.

The second worst thing is arriving late without apologizing.

Also wearing inappropriate clothes or speaking poorly of a past job/employer are badly considered.

So here’s a tip: turn off your phone during a interview… and remember that details matter! During an interview you’re supposed to show your best!

Some vocabulary:

  • Hiring managers – recruiter / intervistatore
  • Survey – sondaggio
  • Behavior – comportamento
  • Inappropriate – inopportuno
  • Apologize – scusarsi

Buon fine settimana a tutti!

“Hard work never killed anybody, but why take a change?”
Edgar Bergen

[Credits: BusinessSpotlight - Ausgabe 5/2015