Office crisis

Do you speak Business? – What problem? Part 2/2

Better safe than sorry, they say.

But when preventing isn’t enough (and sometimes it’s inevitable), what can we do?

You roll up your sleeves and try to solve the problem!

Problem solving is a core competence nowadays.
So here are some other tips on how to improve your problem solving skill!

  1. Minimize the problems
    Internal communication is an issue in most organizations. This makes communication problems not an actual issue: it’s something you have to deal with on a regular basis, a normal part of business. So first thing: remove anxiety and emotional pressure from yourself. Then you can help your colleagues manage the issues, for example:
    Don’t worry about the delay. It’s normal for…” or “I don’t think we are really so far apart on how…“.
  2. Get advice early & Discuss things in your team
    Better solutions usually come from teamwork. Don’t be afraid to ask for advice and help. Remember the three-step model: create options – decide on a solution – confirm the next steps. It helps to minimize possible misunderstandings and to build a sense of trust.
  3. Think about time
    Many problems are the result of time pressure. People work too quickly and don’t listen to each other.
    In order to avoid this scenario, you could clarify the time needed for particular activities. For example: How long will we need to do this? Do we need to allow more time in case of…? What level of quality is more necessary?
  4. When nothing seems to work… maybe nothing works!
    Sometimes the solution takes longer than expected – or maybe some problems can’t be solved. We can just accept it and try to do our best in the future.

Did you find these tips helpful?
Have you ever considered these aspects when solving problems?

Come back next week for more #Doyouspeakbusiness & shape your language style!


Source: "Problem? What problem?", Business Spotlight, Ausgabe 5/2015