#SosMonday? 🛋

Wait, wait, let’s just take a moment.
Ferragosto has just been and gone.
You’re probably feeling nice and relaxed. So, today he we have some phrases to help you chill out and enjoy your holiday.

  1. Chill / Chill out
    These three expressions are different ways of saying “relax”.
  2. Footloose and fancy-free
    If you happen to be footloose and fancy-free, it means that you have no commitments or responsibilities, so you can do as you please.
  3. Take it easy
    When you do things in a relaxed manner and easy pace, you are taking it easy.
  4. Unwind
    Everyone needs to unwind after a period of work or tension.
  5. Put one’s feet up
    When we put our feet up, we usually relax and do nothing.