Hallo! Business – The rise of the Covid robots!!

In an age of social distancing, machines are being used for everything from cleaning to taking temperatures.

Take a look at these ingenious droids that help people in their everyday jobs!

Which one would help you carry out your daily tasks?

Do you have a robot at your place of work?

Children look at a robot that takes their temperature and displays it on a screen in a kindergarten in Madrid, Spain
Friars look at a sanitation robot, which uses ultraviolet radiation and ozone diffusion, at the Pontifical Institute of Spirituality Teresianum in Rome, Italy. The institute will use the robots to sanitise the classrooms, library and the canteen
An Orion Star robot prepares coffee in Beijing, China
A health worker takes a selfie with a LaLuchy Robotina robot at the 20 de Noviembre national medical centre in Mexico City. The robot helps health workers with consultations, therapies and mental health evaluations of Covid-19 patients
A robot serves food and drink during a demonstration at a restaurant in Seoul, South Korea
A demonstration of DeliRo, a noodle delivery robot that takes payments from smartphones at Takanawa Gateway station in Tokyo
Children watch a smart robot explaining Covid-19 prevention measures at a shopping mall in Frankfurt, Germany
An ultraviolet robot cleans at St Pancras international station in London, said to be the first train station in the world to use high-tech cleaning robots to help eradicate viruses
An AI robot runs a health check on a visitor at the China International Fair for Trade in Services in Beijing
A Covid-19 patient takes instructions from a dietitian through a robot at Yatahartha hospital in Noida, Uttar Pradesh, India
Avatarin’s newme robots are readied for a demonstration in Tokyo, Japan. Each newme has the capability to transmit full-HD, 2K video that will allow users to see and interact with the robot’s surroundings in high resolution
Residents watch as a coronavirus-themed robot sprays disinfectant in Chennai, India