Hallo! Business – How The US Election Works

It’s all eyes on the USA today as the presidential campaign comes to a close. But do you know how the US election works?

Watch the video and then consider the questions below:

🔴 Do you think the American system of choosing a leader is fair?

⚪️ Given that the electoral college is unlikely to disappear, can you think of any ways that it could be modified?

🔵 How is this system of choosing a leader similar to what happens in other countries? How is it different?

🔴 The voting age in the United States is 18. Do you think this is the right age or should it be changed? Why / Why not?

⚪️ Why do you think the president is limited to two terms of office?

🔵 Do you agree that many people in the world are interested in American elections? Why / Why not?