#SOSMonday – The Next Episode

What TV show are you watching at the moment?

Are you hooked? Can’t wait for the next episode?

Let’s look at some phrases to help you describe a TV series.

  1. It’s called… 🎟
  2. It’s a …. show (genre) 📺
  3. It’s about… 🛤
  4. The main character is… 🦸🏼‍♂️
  5. _ (actor) plays ___ (role) 🕴
  6. It’s set… 🌎
  7. It came out… 📆
  8. It’s based on… 📖
  9. Basically, what happens is… 🍿
  10. The best bit is / was… 😍
  11. The ending is… 🔚
  12. What I like about it is… 👍
  13. One thing that I don’t like / isn’t so good is… 👎
  14. I’d really / I wouldn’t really recommend it. ✅ ❌

It’s called The Crown. It’s a drama show. It’s about the British royal family. The main character is the Queen. Gillian Anderson plays Margaret Thatcher! It’s set in London, Windsor, Balmoral and Sandringham. It came out 4 years ago. It’s based on the lives of Queen Elizabeth II and her family. ⚠️ Basically, what happens is… The best bit was… The ending is… ⚠️ What I like about is the way the scenography. One thing that isn’t so good is that it’s not always historically accurate. I’d really recommend it.

⚠️ NO SPOILERS ⚠️ – a spoiler is a description of an important plot development in a television show, film, or book which if previously known may reduce surprise or suspense for a first-time viewer or reader.

In the description above we have left out the spoilers to not ruin the show for you!

Language reference: talking about TV Shows

It’s about…
a boy who has magic powers / a family who get
shipwrecked / this spaceship that is looking for new

The main character is…
a detective / a chemistry teacher / a brilliant scientist

It stars…
George Clooney / Samuel L Jackson / Jennifer Lawrence
(Leonardo diCaprio) plays (a guy called Jack)

It was directed by…
Stephen Spielberg / Pedro Almodovar / Federico Fellini

It’s set / takes place… in / at / during…
the American Civil War / modern-day London / China
in the Ming dynasty

It came out…
this year / about five years ago / ages ago

It’s based on…
a true story / a book / an old legend

Basically, what happens is…

The best bit is…
the car chase / when she nds out that he has been lying

The ending is…
really sad / completely unexpected / a bit disappointing

What / The thing I like about it is…
the dialogue / the way the main character never gives up

One thing that I don’t like / isn’t so good is…
the ending / that the plot is too complicated /that it’s a
bit predictable

I’d definitely recommend it.
You really must see it.
I wouldn’t really recommend it.

We often use present tenses to say what happens in
We normally use past tenses to give details about when,
where and how movies were made.

*In conversation, we sometimes use this / these instead
of a(n) / some to refer to characters and other elements
of stories: this guy / this city / this planet / this alien /
these gangsters


Animated series
Animated sitcom
Chat Show
Cooking show
Debate show
Educational show
Game show
Hidden camera show
Historical drama
Legal drama
Medical drama
Political drama
Reality TV
Science fiction
Soap opera
Teen drama
Teen sitcom
TV documentary
TV play