Christmas 2020: get your beloved ones… Italian!

Do you have a friend or relative in love with Italian?

This could be the best time to make them happy with an Italian workshop!

Have a look to our special offers:

Practice your Italian with Hallo!

Is it possible to speak Italian outside of Italian speaking countries?Yes, it is!5 onilne meetings with a qualified native speaker teacher, to practice your Italian wherever you are, with other Italian lovers!
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Italian cuisine workshop!

Have you ever read the comments on Italian food videos?
They are mostly written by Italians, who complain that “they don’t cook like that“.
What do they mean? Would you like to learn more about Italian cuisine? Then join our online workshop!
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Beyond the language – an Italian culture workshop

Mainstream Italian values: family, food, “bella vita“.
Is that all? From North to South, explore with us the thousand shades of Italian culture!
3 workshops to get to know better Italy and its heritage!
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Buon Natale a tutti voi!