SOSMonday – 🥗 Make A Fresh Start! 🏋️‍♂️

It’s almost time to celebrate the end of 2020!

So today we are making some New Year’s resolutions!

Here are some ideas for 2021:

I’m going to…..

• Exercise: do more / join a gym / take up a sport
• Health: lose some weight / go on a diet / eat less chocolate / stop smoking / give up junk food
• Hobbies: start a new hobby / join a club / learn a new skill (how to cook, paint, play an instrument)
• Friends: make new friends / write to friends more / be kinder to friends / spend more or less time with friends
• Studies: study more / do more homework / listen more in class / get books from the library / read more
• Money: get a job / save more money / spend less / be careful with money
• Stress: worry less / work less / relax more at the weekends / go to bed earlier

Do you have any resolutions for 2021?

What would you like to stop/start doing?