#CuriousIT – Tips in Italy: how does it work?

When we visit a new country, we try to get accustomed to its specific social rules – one of the most common is: do waiters and porters receive tips? How much should I give them?

In Italy tips are not compulsory (they are included in the price of the service), nor expected (although very welcome!): you usually leave a tip if you’re very satisfied with the service received. It’s considered an istant feedback.

So if your waiter was very efficient or very nice, you should consider leaving a tip.
In some restaurants they collect all the tips and divide them up among all the waiters, so to leave a tip you generally don’t ask for change when you pay the bill.
You can say “a posto così“, that means “we’re good” (and, implicitly: take the change as a tip).

But what if you spend, for example, exactly 50€? You can leave on the table some more money – usually the 10% of the bill – and tell the waiter that you would like to leave a tip.

Same for delivery guys.

What about taxi drivers?
As the fees are pretty high in Italy, taxi drivers don’t usually receive tips. But again, if the driver was really nice you can do that.

And porters?
Porters usually get 1 – 2 € for taking your luggage to your hotel room.

That’s all for today! If you undestand Italian and would like to read more on this topic, you can find here more information.

How does tipping work in your country? Is it considered rude or nice?

Let us know!