#CuriousIT – Italian favourite coffee

Coffee is loved in many countries of the world – but Italians have created their own coffee culture.

If you come to Italy, you will struggle to find American coffee, because it’s the least loved and known among coffee types!

We have created a chart for you – what coffee do Italians enjoy the most?

  1. Espresso (what else?)
    In Italy it’s the coffee, they don’t even call it Espresso.
    If you enter a cafè and ask for a coffee, you will get a short Espresso.
    You can ask for a longer Espresso, double Espresso, Espresso with liquor (it’s digestive), marocchino (Moroccan, Espresso with milk and cocoa)… And be carefull: “American” coffee, in many cafés, is an Espresso diluted with water!

    In some parts of Italy they will also give you a little glass of water. Drink it before drinking the coffee: you have to make sure to have your mouth clean to better enjoy coffee! Also, in few places, they could get a little offended if you drink the water after the coffee: it means that you didn’t like the coffee.
  1. Moka
    The king of coffee in Italian houses!
    Even though coffee pod machines are becoming more and more popular, you will always find a little moka machine in one’s home.
    Moka coffee contains less caffeine then Espresso, and it’s a little bit more watery. Still, home coffee tastes like moka!

3. Instant coffee
This is a mine field. Most Italians consider this kind of coffee to be inferior to the previous ones.
Italians who drink this kind of coffee are usually choosing practicality over taste.

4. American coffee

As Italians drink short coffee, you can guess that a long beverage like American coffee arises suspicion.
Some Italians don’t even know the difference between an instant coffee and the American one, as in general it’s not event sold in cafès.
Anyway, younger generations are open to try it and they usually appreciate it – together with “Starbuckish” kind of coffee: with cream, hazelnut and so on.

What’s your favourite coffee?
Do you agree with Italians or have a different point of view?
Let us know!