#CuriousIT – Food and wine

Italy: sun, food and… wine!

Wine is one of the most famous Italian products. But what wine do Italians drink with their food?

There are many criteria to pair wine and food; the Associazione Italiana Sommelier (Italian Sommelier Association) uses the famous Mercadini method, that is based on taste consonance or contrast between food and wine.

In the past sommeliers preferred concordance between flavors; nowadays they prefer to match wine and food by contrast. For example, fat food can be balanced with sour wines.

You can find many rules, but the only fundamental one is: the best match is the one that you enjoy the most.
If anyway you would like to try something new, here are some suggestions!

Appetizer: You should choose a mild-flavor wine, such as “Spumante” (sparkling white), or a fresh white wine or a delicate red one.

Fish: The general rules is: white wine, but more and more chefs match their fish dishes with gentle red wines, for example Grignolino or Pinot Nero Altoatesino!

Meat: If you expect that we will suggest red wine… you are right! But it’s not the only option: for example, a meat tartare might taste better with a white wine, such as Greco di Tufo or Sauvignon del Collio.

Vegetarian dishes: Vegetarian dishes can be matched with both red and white wine, depending on the main ingredient. For example: if you eat asparagus in a risotto, you should pick a white wine, like Spumante, Franciacorta or Prosecco. But if you’re eating asparagus with cheese or eggs, a red Sangiovese toscano might be the thing!
No doubt for legumes: they work best with red wine.

How could we not mention the king of Italian dishes… – Pizza!

More and more Italians are choosing to have their pizza with a glass of wine.
Again, it depends on what ingredients you put on your pizza.
A smart and simple Margherita will be enhanced by a rosè wine; choose a sparkling whine (for example a Trentodoc) for a Quattro formaggi (“Pizza with four kind of cheese” – blue cheese, mozzarella, fontina and grana cheese) .

If you understand Italian, you can read more here!

So, what’s your favourite wine?
Do you follow rules to choose your wine or do you improvise?

Let us know!