#CuriousIT – What do you do on Pasquetta?

Catholic christians around the world celebrate Easter – and the day after Easter, called “Angel’s Monday”, to celebrate the Angel who told Maria from Magdala, Maria mother of Giacomo and Giuseppe, and Salomè that Jesus had resurrected.

Italians are mostly Catholic, so it’s a festive day just like Easter… But Italians are Italian, so this festive day it’s another occasion to hang out with friends and -of course- eat!
In Italian there’s this idiom “Natale con i tuoi, Pasqua con chi vuoi” that means “Spend Christmas with your family and Easter with whoever you want”!

Not many Italians call the day after Easter “Angel’s Monday”, but “Pasquetta”, that stands for “Little Easter”.

On Pasquetta Italians usually take a picnic!
There aren’t many things to do, as shops are mostly closed and there are no festivals or party on this day.

What do you do on Pasquetta?
Do you spend it with your family or with your friends?
Let us know – and happy Easter!