#CuriousIT – Parla come mangi!

Italians have a lot of idioms related to food, as its an important part of their culture.
“Parla come mangi” (“Speak the same way you eat“) is one of them!

What does it mean?
Let’s make an example with short dialogue:

  • Person A: I saw a Great Dane the other day. He was gargantuan!
  • Person B: Uh? Gargantuan? Parla come mangi!
  • Person A: All right. It was huge!

So “parla come mangi” is an invitation to speak in a easier way.
As people normally eat simple food such as pasta, a hamburger or potatoes, they shouldn’t pretend to be aristocrats and use big words.

In other words: don’t fool yourself, you can use big words but you are an ordinary guy just like the rest of us – and the proof is that you don’t usually eat pidgeon or rare food, but common one.

Does a similar idiom exist in your language? Let us know – and thanks for reading us today!