CuriousIT – What’s in the shopping cart of the Italians in 2021?

Italian shopping trends can help understand the evolution of the Italian culture.

According to the Coop-Nomisma‘s analysis on Italian consumptions, in 2021 Italians will spend the most on home, health and digital products, while they will spend less on transportation, clothing and shoes.

They will buy house robots, as food-processors, vacuum cleaner and so on; moreover, they will spend on property renovation and thanks to State incentive.

Half of the population will invest on new smartphones, tablets, computers and so on; even the e-grocery and delivery will be more popular.

It looks like Italians are going digitally smarter.

During the pandemic Italians have cooked even more than before – and they will keep doing so.
The interest in home made food has grown – it’s not only healthier, but cheaper!
Indeed the so called “slow cooking” is the new Italian strategy to spend less and eat better.

The attention on the origin of the ingredients has increased too, together with the attention to fair-trade.

What are the new trends in your country?
How have your habits changed?
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