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So here are some useful phrasal verbs for talking about the holiday season! get/go away - andare in vacanza wind down / kick back / chill out - rilassarsi take some time off - prendersi una pausa set/head off - mettersi in viaggio check in - registrarsi hang/wait around - aspettare take off - decollare touch down - atterrare eat out - mangiare fuori laze around - cincischiare soak up -

The 77th Venice Film Festival will go ahead this year! The decision has been made to continue with the annual cinematic celebration, providing certain precautions are put in place, including: outdoor screenings half empty seats temperature checks mandatory face masks social distancing Perhaps the organisers could look to Sotto Le Stelle Del Cinema for some help! What do you think? Have you been to the cinema since lockdown?

Are you working from home at the moment? There are several ways that things can go wrong in online meetings. Match each type of problem with an example: Problems: a fail = a bad idea a mishap = an accident, when something goes wrong a technical difficulty = problems with technology a. your wi-fi goes down just as the meeting begins b. wearing pyjamas to an important meeting c.

Consumer goods company Unilever has revealed that ice cream sales rose dramatically (by 26%), whilst deodorant sales declined during the Covid-19 lockdown! So, what did you spend more / less on* during isolation? Read more: * we use the verb spend with the preposition ON + object. So, I spent more (money) on toilet roll. I spent less (money) on shampoo!

Hallo servizi linguistici Bologna e Modena - corsi di lingue e servizi linguistici Fierce rivals Bergamo & Brescia have been named joint Italian capitals of culture for 2023. The proposal will see the two cities set aside their differences and unite to promote cultural attractions in their area. Read more here: Unite synonyms associate coalesce combine conjugateconnectcouplejoinlink (up)marryunify