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Do you speak Business? Being Assertive

How can you improve your Business and English Skills at the same time?
… with Do you Speak Business?, of course!

Today we’ll talk about being assertive.

First of all, what do we mean?
It means looking for win-win solutions to problems, approaching life positively, being able to communicate in a direct and confident way. It’s about being accountable for our actions.

What aspects is assertiveness made of?

  • Positive self-confidence and self-esteem;
  • clear, open communication;
  • speaking in such a way that people take notice;
  • showing responsibility for your actions.

How can you show assertiveness?

Before showing assertiveness, you should be working on yourself as a person. Once you have reached a satisfactory level of individual growth, you may show assertiveness through these aspects:

  • Body Language: open, friendly, direct eye contact. Gestures and movement are relaxed and steady. Remember to smile.
  • Voice: Breath through your diaphragm. It will give your voice greater resonance and a better timbre. Having regular breaks while speaking + stressing the keywords will make your speech easier to listen.
  • The words you use: Be brief, don’t overexplain or overapologize. Let people ask questions if they need to.

Are you assertive? How do you work on this quality?

Come back next week for more #Doyouspeakbusiness & shape your language style!

Source: "Being Assertive", Taylor K., Business Spotlight, Ausgabe 5/2015

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