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You will receive a card that will give you free access to our events!

With the Hallo! Club card you will be able to take part in a number of different activities:

Tessera Hallo! Club - Aperitivo linguistico - Hallo Servizi linguistici corsi di lingua per aziende e privati a Bologna Modena Pistoia

With the Hallo! Club card you can participate in these formats:

Aperitif Time? No, English Time!

An English conversation club with our native speaking teachers from all around the world.

Linguistic Aperitif

Events carried out in other languages to combine learning with fun with the aim to improve your speaking while getting to know other countries’ cultures.

Hallo! Reading Club

Have you ever considered reading something in its original language? You can borrow books, magazines and newspapers from our library.

Hallo! Movies

Screenings of movies and videos in their original language, with discussion sessions led by our native speaking teachers.

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The Hallo! Club card for our students:

If you are not one of our students

If you are currently attending a Hallo! Servizi Linguistici, please remember that the Hallo! Club membership is FREE for the duration of the course.

If you are not one of our students

If you are not enrolled in one of our courses, but you still would like to take part in Hallo! Club activities, you can buy access to a single event or a package giving access to 5 events.

  • Cost of one event: € 15,–
  • Cost of a package including 5 events: € 70,–