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Hallo! News – Try Reading This Out Loud!

The ancient art of reading aloud has a number of benefits for adults, from helping improve our memories and understanding complex texts, to strengthening emotional bonds between people. And far from being a rare or bygone activity, it is still surprisingly common in modern life! Read more (out loud!) on the BBC website! 🌐👇

Hallo! News – Aggressive Punctuation Marks?!?!

A report from Binghamton University in New York shows that the full stop is “intimidating” to young people because they view it as a sign of anger.Linguistics experts studied the effect of technology on the way we use language. Dr Lauren Fonteyn said: “If you send a text message without a full stop, it’s already…

Oxford Test of English for schools

Oxford Test of English adesso è disponibile anche per i ragazzi!