Language Training

Personalised corporate language training,
in a professional environment,
to give you confidence when expressing yourself

Business Language Training


A focused teaching approach, in a professional environment, for you to feel confident when expressing yourself in the business world.

Formazione In-Company


We specialize in language training for companies. Our service is highly customisable. We provide an efficient language training that has an immediate impact, through an innovative and hands-on method.

Distance & Blended Learning


The virtual classroom is the space where both the teacher and the students take part in the lesson. They can visualize documents and discuss them, as well as share files in real time.

Business Language Training

Formazione linguistica aziendale - argomenti specifici del corso di lingua - hallo business language training

To increase confidence and fluency when using another language; to master the right terminology for any company process.

The language training will help you handle unexpected as well as routine work situations in a timely and smooth way. How? Giving priority to the development of the 4 fundamental language skills (writing, speaking, reading and listening) and tapping into company processes in the target language.

The lessons are practical and involve students in interesting role playing activities, set in the reality of a business context. There are comparisons and discussions with the Trainer, who provides constant feedback.

In-Company Training

  • Learning a language in a business context.
  • Students’ motivation through their active participation.
  • Business and Technical Courses (English, French, German, Spanish and rarer languages).
  • Life-long learning.
  • Customised learning plan based on the student’s real professional needs.
  • One-to-one and group courses with native/bilingual Business Language Trainers, experienced in teaching in a business context, qualified and certified.
  • Didactic support: books, audio and video material, specialized newspapers and magazines, trips abroad, language aperitifs, role playing and more.

Distance Learning

DISTANCE LEARNING is a language training method that allows to deliver the whole course in a virtual space (customised platform or through Skype). The lessons in the virtual classroom have the same characteristics as a traditional face-to-face course, with greater flexibility in scheduling and carrying out the lessons.

  • The lesson is scheduled in a virtual classroom through an invitation message.
  • The system allows us to:
  • – share the screen,
  • – send audio/video files,
  • – record the lesson so that students who missed it (or even those who did participate) can watch it later,
  • – have a record of students’ attendance.
  • Final report to assess the acquired skills and the degree of satisfaction.
  • The lessons are available through the app for download to any device.
Formazione linguistica a distanza (Distance Learning)

Blended Learning

BLENDED LEARNING is a training method which combines lessons in the classroom (with a native teacher) with the use of an on-line platform for language learning.

Why choose the learning management system?

  • It promotes independent language learning.
  • Each student learns according to their own pace.
  • Focused and simple contents to obtain immediate results while maximising the impact of the training.
  • The availability of a tutor keeps students highly motivated.
  • The teacher customizes the course according to the working needs of the student.

An integrated training offer

  • Users: employees can access the course on site, on the move or at various locations.
  • Goal: to improve business and language skills through the blended training offer.
  • Programme: focus on real training needs/communication skills (written and oral) to use at work.
  • Teaching material: innovative, user-friendly and customisable.
  • Contents: in line with any business context (marketing, design, logistics, mechanical engineering…).
  • Self-study aids: a wide range of written exercises, listening files and videos that can be downloaded or streamed.
  • Tutoring: constant support from your native English tutor.
  • Lessons: face-to-face, over the phone, via skype and in the virtual classroom.

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