Mapping of Language Skills

Language skills mapping to design a strategic plan
and reach your targets

We support the HR Development and Training department to design a language training programme, with a short-term and/or long-term approach. A focused plan whose final objective is to develop effective communication skills in a foreign language.

We identify the language needs and train the personnel with an international approach.

We help you plan language skills development in a sensible way, thus contributing to the growth of your business through the efficiency of the training programmes.
Before starting the actual training programme, we identify Who needs it, for How Long and How it should be implemented. We analyse the students’ requirements in terms of organisation of the classes, work and personal commitments and training needs.

Mappatura competenze linguistiche Hallo Servizi Linguistici

What can we do for your company?

We tailor language training to your needs.
Language training requires time, hard work and commitment.
Together with the HR department, we establish the final objective: what changes need to be made regarding the current situation.
By doing this, we define the EXPECTED language skills together with the HR dept.

What do we examine?

We map your staff’s language skills.
The information about the required language skills will be collected according to:

  • different job positions,
  • specific tasks within the company,
  • language use (required level of writing, speaking, reading, listening),
  • required level to be attained (basic to advanced).

The different stages of our process

  • We collect the information.
  • We establish the expected outcome.
  • We assess the current skills .
  • We identify the gap to be bridged.
  • We examine the envisaged business scenarios .
  • We inform you about our wide range of training opportunities.
  • We monitor the training project progress from the beginning to the end .

Have you already done a language skills mapping in your company?