Moving to Emilia Romagna - stress free


Hallo Relocation is Hallo! Servizi Linguistici’s new division specialising in Relocation services for foreign citizens who have moved to Emilia Romagna for job-related or personal reasons. Moving to a foreign country often entails big difficulties in terms of logistics and emotional aspects related to the move both for the relocated person and their family. Hallo! Relocation helps overcome the obstacles due to the lack of knowledge of the new language and country, making things easier for the whole family. Our advisors are native speakers of English, German, French and Spanish besides being experts in the management of all the paperwork connected with a relocation.

Why choose Hallo Relocation?

Reliability and professionalism

  • Welcome and constant support
  • Definition of the mission together with the client/the company
  • Regular updates on the progress of the required services
  • Over-the-phone assistance after the relocation

Economical and fast

  • By delegating the tasks of looking for a house and managing all the paperwork to Hallo, the client will avoid multiple trips and hotel stays.
  • Thanks to Hallo! Relocation the client will save time, avoiding multiple visits and phone calls to lots of different offices.


  • Only one contact person, for a simpler and faster communication
  • Each client is assigned an advisor, who is a native speaker of the client's language, to guarantee a customised service
  • The highest quality standards thanks to our long-standing experience

Our services


  • We identify the residence area
  • We look for a home in line with the required characteristics
  • Rental agreement
  • Connection of all utilities
  • Home furnishings


  • Residence and work permits
  • Italian tax code request
  • Registration on the list of residents
  • Choice of GP
  • Car insurance
  • Waste collection tax
  • Opening of bank account

For your family

  • Temporary residence selection
  • Residence permits
  • School enrolment for your children
  • Italian course
  • Selection of sports activities

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