Stays Abroad

We collaborate with leading international language training centres to guarantee top-quality language study experiences abroad

Why should I opt for a language study stay abroad?

  • Because by spending some time in the country where the language you are studying is spoken, thus being constantly in contact with it, you boost your ability to use the foreign language in a business context.
  • To experience something new and leave your comfort zone.
Soggiorni linguistici all'estero Hallo Servizi Linguistici

How is my Executive Course structured?

  • Our Business English and Business German courses focus on vocabulary and communication techniques, which includes:
  • · Meetings and conference calls
  • · Negotiations
  • · Presentations
  • · Phone calls
  • · Socialising and Networking
  • · E-mailing and reporting
  • · Multicultural communication
  • · Leadership and international management
  • · Acquiring specific vocabulary
  • Lessons in small groups of max. 4 students
      • Focus on communication and cultural exchange between students coming from different countries, each of them with their own business background to share with the other participants.
  • One-to-one lessons
      • One-to-one lessons are tailored to the specific needs of the student. The programme is built after a thorough analysis of the specific training needs is carried out.

We take care of all the organisational aspects of your language study stay abroad.

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