Hallo! News – Juve win again!

Juventus have won their ninth Serie A title in a row after beating Sampdoria 2-0 in Turin! But what are your predictions for next season? Will ‘The Old Lady’ win it for a tenth time? Do Bologna have a chance?To make a prediction, we can use the following verbs (+ adverbs) depending on the probability:…


Hallo! News – Bergamo and Brescia to become Best Friends?

Fierce rivals Bergamo & Brescia have been named joint Italian capitals of culture for 2023. The proposal will see the two cities set aside their differences and unite to promote cultural attractions in their area. Read more here: https://www.thelocal.it/20200720/bergamo-and-brescia-named-joint-italian-capitals-of-culture-of-2023 Unite synonyms associate coalesce combine conjugate connect couple join link (up) marry unify