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https://youtu.be/RoMm7kfx7fo Every New Year's Eve in Bologna, a 'bonfire of the old man' is held in the centre of the city. The old man represents the old year, which is superstitiously burned to get rid of its ugliness in the hope that the next year will be better. Due to restrictions, this year's bonfire was virtual - Watch below! The video features the

The Lonely Planet has released its list of the best places on Earth to visit. The "Ultimate Travel List" ranks 500 of the must-see places to add to your bucket list. What's the best sight you've ever been to? Where would you like to visit from the following destinations? β€’ Himalayas β€’ Stonehenge β€’ Mount Fuji β€’ Machu Picchu β€’ Petra β€’ The Pyramids β€’ The Taj Mahal β€’ New York

The ancient art of reading aloud has a number of benefits for adults, from helping improve our memories and understanding complex texts, to strengthening emotional bonds between people. And far from being a rare or bygone activity, it is still surprisingly common in modern life! Read more (out loud!) on the BBC website! πŸŒπŸ‘‡ https://www.bbc.com/future/article/20200917-the-surprising-power-of-reading-aloud

Hallo servizi linguistici Bologna e Modena - corsi di lingue e servizi linguistici Fierce rivals Bergamo & Brescia have been named joint Italian capitals of culture for 2023. The proposal will see the two cities set aside their differences and unite to promote cultural attractions in their area. Read more here: https://www.thelocal.it/20200720/bergamo-and-brescia-named-joint-italian-capitals-of-culture-of-2023 Unite synonyms associate coalesce combine conjugateconnectcouplejoinlink (up)marryunify