Hallo! Business – Nightmare Product Launches! 😱

It’s Halloween this weekend. So we thought we would take a look at some truly terrifying products that failed miserably upon release! Do you remember any of these horrors? 1957 — Ford Edsel Bill Gates cites the Edsel flop as his favorite case study. Even the name “Edsel” is synonymous with “marketing failure.” Ford invested $400 million into the car,…


#SOSMonday – Happy Hallo!ween!

This blog is a repost from Garnet Education. Please find the original article here: https://www.garneteducation.com/top-10-halloween-idioms-and-expressions/. With Halloween lurking around the corner, here are some spooky idioms to get you in the spirit! DIG YOUR OWN GRAVE Meaning: to do something that will cause you harm or problems in the futureExample: Student 1: I think I’m going to…