Top quality translations for your company

Services and Solutions

We translate from and all languages and we offer a comprehensive service

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Language Experts

We collaborate with a team of certified translators for top-quality translations

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Our Workflow

We use advanced programmes to deliver top-quality translations

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Services and solutions

We translate from and into all languages and we offer the following services:

Different types of services

  • Correction and revision
  • Post-editing
  • Website and e-commerce site localization
  • Terminology management
  • Translation courses

Text types

  • Technical
  • Commercial
  • Marketing
  • Legal

Areas of specialisation

  • Packaging, automation, mechanics, automotive
  • Biomedical and pharmaceutical
  • Fashion, luxury and cosmetic industries
  • Legal

Language experts

Quality translations thanks to the skills of our certified team

Native speaking language experts


We are a team composed of project managers and native speaking language experts, with the highest qualifications and a long-standing experience gained both in Italy and abroad.
Our team uses the most popular CAT tools like SDL Trados, which enables us to provide accurate as well as fast translations.

Quality certification


Hallo! Servizi Linguistici has obtained the Quality Management System Certification and is compliant with the UNI EN ISO 9001:2008 standard for translation and interpreting services.
Hallo! Servizi Linguistici is able to guarantee high-standard services thanks to its rigorous control procedures.

Translation test

Furthermore, our translators must have passed our translation test. Upon request, the tests completed by our translators can be submitted to our Clients for their approval before starting the collaboration.

Selection of translators

  • Native speakers of the target language
  • Holding at least C2 level certification or bilinguals in the source language
  • At least 5-year experience as professional translators
  • University degree in Languages or Linguistics
  • Specialising in different text types and in a variety of sectors
  • Mastery of the main CAT tools, including SDL Trados
  • Compliance with deadlines.

Our workflow

There are several steps to achieve accurate translations

1) Pre-production


Our PM analyses and assesses the viability of the request against the delivery date required by the client and the translator’s availability.

The PM takes care of all the administrative and technical aspects of the project management: the quotation, the language specifications, the information flow between the translator and the client and other relevant aspects.

2) Production

Upon receiving the project from the Client, the Project Manager assigns the translation to one of our native translators, choosing amongst the most highly specialised ones in the relevant sector.

The translation is done using the glossary and translation memories provided by the Client so as to ensure the consistency and excellent quality of the final texts.

Our translators are required to carry out a number of checks using SDL Trados functions in order to deliver translated texts with no misspellings, punctuation errors, omissions of text chunks or words, errors in acronyms or numbers etc.

According to the type of text to be translated, translators must comply with the standard rules in terms of Language Quality Assurance to make sure that the translated message suits the cultural context of the target language.

A reviser, expert in the relevant field, revises and proofreads the translated text to guarantee its quality, coherence and consistency.

After the translated and proofread text is sent back to Hallo! Servizi Linguistici, the Project Manager specialising in the target language performs a final check to guarantee the overall quality of the project and that it is ready for delivery.

If necessary, we can take care of the layout of the translated text adapting the format to the Client’s request.

3) Post-production


After the translation is delivered to the client, the PM collects all the information relating to the project completed in order to measure the client’s level of satisfaction: any changes, complaints, feedback.

The feedback is then submitted to the translator who took care of the project.

The PM, with the support of our administration specialist, completes all the paperwork and finalises the project (archiving, invoicing, etc.).

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